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Experts of Baker Tilly inform you that since May 12, new obligations will arise for Moscow organizations, in respect of which the decision on suspension of citizens' visits has not been taken or cancelled (Annex 6 to the Decree).

Employers will be required to ensure that at least 10% of employees are examined for coronavirus from 12 to 31 May. As of June 1, such review will need to be organized within every 15 calendar days.

It will also be necessary:

•provide the personnel with masks or other respiratory equipment at the workplaces and on the organization’s territory (exception - the employee works alone in a separate room). Employees should also use gloves when visiting common areas and touching door handles and other common items;
•install separating dividing walls between jobs if social distance cannot be ensured;
•measure worker temperature every 4 hours.

It is forbidden to be admit to workplaces:

•patients with diabetes mellitus, obesity, hypertension of 2nd degree, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, bronchial asthma of 2nd degree;
•individuals with ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection);
•if employee or one of his/her cohabitants have been diagnosed with acute respiratory failure, coronavirus or pneumonia. 

Employees will be obliged to notify the employer immediately if there have any of such signs.

Employers are recommended to:

•while keeping employees over 65 years of age attending the employer's workplaces and/or territories minimize the number of such employees;
•ensure that hand disinfectants are installed on the employer's premises.

It is important that the spread of a new coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV) is an emergency and unavoidable condition that has led to the implementation of a high alert regime, which is a force majeure.

Ground: Decree of the Moscow Mayor N 55-UM dated April 5, 2020