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At Baker Tilly in Russia, each employee understands what is needed for his/her professional growth. Our corporate culture provides for the maximum growth of professionalism, as well as creative skills and potential of each team member. 

We encourage independence in decision making and do not dictate to employees which direction they  should develop in. We are here to support, inspire and educate our specialists on their way to achieving  professional goals. We want those who are full of energy and enthusiasm, who see durable client relationship as their key professional guideline. 

"What are the goals of our specialists?" and "where they see themselves in the future?" are the two questions that are of vital importance to us. We use partnership as a model for building relationship with each employee and continuously invest in developing professional potential of each individual employee. 

Baker Tilly makes every effort to ensure that each employee understands that he/she is a leading and  recognized specialist in his/her respective field. We will help each member of our team to refine upon their professional skills and encourage them to never be satisfied with what has already been achieved.

If you believe that you meet our expectations, please send your resume and cover letter to

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