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In the economic downturn, one sure-fire way to improve your business performance is to outsource some of your routine non-core functions. For more than 15 years now, Baker Tilly in Russia has been providing a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services based on complete and accurate accounting records.

  • Understanding of all aspects and special circumstances of your sector;
  • Monitoring of your employee performance at the management level;
  • The options of performing tasks online and at your office;
  • State-of-the-art solutions for communications and data exchange.

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Экспертная поддержка отдельных процессов бухгалтерского учёта

Expert support for individual bookkeeping and accounting processes

If your accounts department finds it difficult to switch to telecommuting, we will be prepared, once we have reviewed the company's document flows, to offer the best solutions, take charge of any area of your operations, however challenging, and run it either from your office or remotely.
Понимание всех аспектов и специфики вашей отрасли

Understanding of all aspects and special circumstances of your sector

Every business has its own unique processes. When deciding on outsourcing, companies seek to keep certain functions under their control. Our job is to integrate the accounting process into the client's business infrastructure. To achieve this, we use the professional expertise and experience of 1С analysts in developing and improving accounting systems.
Собственный технологичный продукт «Смарт Отчёт»

SmartOtchet proprietary state-of-the-art product

Baker Tilly has developed a proprietary state-of-the-art product called SmartOtchet, which integrates an automated business process for expense report processing and the expertise of our accountants. Bespoke operational accounts are generated for each and every client, customized receipt of documents has been set up, and functionality is available for employee communication in case of queries.

We can run any accounting process for you, for example:

  • Expense report accounting (the company's proprietary state-of-the-art product called “SmartOtchet”);
  • Online payments, processing of bank statements and banking liaison;
  • Sales paperwork;
  • Fixed asset and inventory accounting;
  • Military record-keeping;
  • Migration registration;
  • Employee CMI [compulsory medical insurance] contract paperwork;
  • Obtainment or replacement of employee Pension Insurance certificate;
  • Preparation of personal tax returns;
  • Stocktaking, review of warehouse accounting procedures and creation of traceable storage;

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Аутсорсинг банковских платежей

Outsourcing of bank payments

Here's what our client says

Communication/data services

Jacqueline Murthy


It is the seventh year that we have been using Baker Tilly’s services, having outsourced to them two separate business processes that enable the company’s operations in Russia. This refers to administrative support for paperwork and cash flow management.

Организация складского учета на аутсорсинге

Outsourcing of warehouse inventory control

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Maria Solomatina

Chief Financial Officer

The Baker Tilly team has integrated our accounts for us, expanding the 1C standard configuration with the functionality needed for prompt review of the Russian company’s operations and sound managerial decision-making.

Baker Tilly’s 1C analysts offered to migrate all our accounting processes to a configuration called “1C: Full Automation 8”. That proved to be the right decision and delivered benefits.

Технологичные решения для авансовых отчетов

State-of-the-art solutions for expense reporting

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Sale of medical equipment

Vladimir Bystritskiy

Executive Director

Our company has been operating in the Russian market for medical equipment for over 10 years now. We provide after-sales services to our buyers. Apart from the need to comply with the requirements of Russian laws, we find it very important to adhere to the principles of effectiveness and accuracy in internal control procedures.

Outsourcing specific accounting functions to Baker Tilly makes for effective use of skilled workforce either online or at your office (Implant), source paperwork compliant with the statutory requirements and the company’s corporate policies and less work for in-house accountants.

We quickly integrate into your company’s business processes as required by you and provide expert support for any accounting function of your accounts department online or at your office

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