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As one of the leading audit and consulting companies, Baker Tilly in Russia provides bookkeeping and accounting services based on established facts of business operations. If you are unsure whether you have all your source documents, we will help you make sure they are complete and restore whatever is missing.

  • Implementation of electronic documents’ flow for telework and checking of source documents for regulatory compliance;
  • Application of state-of-the-art digital technologies and compliance with accounting standards;
  • Competent online support on a 24/7 basis;
  • Fast-response communication with the company's authorized employees and specifically with the finance people at the head office;
  • The fairness of the representations is always attested to by auditors;
  • Baker Tilly's professional liability is covered by a US$2,000,000+ policy from a major insurer.

What is most important and relevant to you

Знание отраслевых особенностей компании-клиента

Knowledge of the corporate client's industry background

As a major auditing firm in Russia, Baker Tilly uses a single methodology for bookkeeping and accounting. Furthermore, we closely monitor the relevant amendments to legislation in order to develop an integrated approach to recommendations for our clients. With our many years of accounting experience, we are able to factor in the unique features of any sector and offer well-designed and high-tech solutions for any business.
Взаимодействие с уполномоченными сотрудниками компании-клиента в режиме онлайн

Online liaison with authorized employees of corporate clients

Having decided to outsource, the company's chief executive worries about losing control over the accounting process. We closely coordinate with the company's authorized employees in all matters related to paperwork management, counterparties, bank payments and other transactions. In compliance with Baker Tilly's customer service standards, all communications are mostly by email, but to deal with urgent matters, we are available online on any of the instant messengers.
Внедрение электронного документооборота для дистанционной работы и контроль первичных документов на соответствие требованиям законодательства

Implementation of electronic documents’ flow for telework and checking of source documents for regulatory compliance

Telework has put a spoke in the wheel of accounting data exchange. We implemented electronic documents’ flow with the majority of our clients, boosting the performance of the business processes in place. And we continue making sure that the source documents are compliant with the current statutory requirements.

Bookkeeping and accounting services include:

  • Management of accounts payable;
  • Management of accounts receivable;
  • Bank payment management using e-banking and interfacing with forex control;
  • Expense report accounting (SmartOtchet);
  • Inventory accounting;
  • Fixed asset and inventory accounting;
  • Loan accounting;

Our clients often need other services with this one

Как учесть специфику бизнеса?

How to customize a business solution

Here's what our client says

Advertising services

Dmitry Sergeyevich Avdeyev

Sales director

I represent an international marketing agency for strategic initiatives. We do a lot of orders for the manufacture of marketing materials. The agency has long been outsourcing its accounting to external auditors. Before Baker Tilly we used another company for several years. Unfortunately, it did not grow in lockstep with us: we sold more and more of our services and products, and our source paperwork snowballed as a result.

Как мы перешли на электронный документооборот

How we adopted electronic documents’ flow

Here's what our client says

Sale of electrician equipment

Andrey Andreyevich Kopylov

Chief Accountant

Our company came to Russia 10 years ago. Although we have a small staff, we successfully market electrician equipment in Russia. This year the adoption of telework necessitated an overhaul of the familiar business processes, and acting on the recommendation of Baker Tilly, we decided to fully embrace electronic documents’ flow. The Baker Tilly team took charge not only of EDI implementation but also of the function of checking source paperwork for regulatory compliance.

Having accurately documented accounts compliant with statutory requirements enables you to make informed managerial decisions and monitor the company’s operations. Outsourcing of accounting processes enables businesses to focus on their key processes without being distracted by non-core and routine tasks.

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Rough-and-ready advice

Rough-and-ready advice

Rough-and-ready advice