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In an attempt to stave off employment disputes for its clients, Baker Tilly in Russia makes sure that the relationships between companies and their staff are documented in a proper manner. We know that it is not only employers that are accountable for paying wages under the table—the staff of such companies are also liable for agreeing to these terms.

  • An effective system of electronic documents’ flow in keeping with the company's business profile;
  • Personal Data and information security;
  • Fifteen years of hands-on experience and review up-to-date changes to the employment and labour laws;
  • Custom solutions and expert assistance;
  • A proven track record in the resolution of disputes with labour inspectorates and employees;
  • Migration law advice.

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Квалифицированный специалист по кадровому учету в вашем офисе

A competent human-resource-accounting professional at your office

Major companies have their HR paperwork managed in-house. But because of the great work load, the in-house staff are likely to be overwhelmed. We provide ongoing support for HR paperwork at the client's office and assume charge of all interactions with the staff of corporate clients. We assume charge of the administrative aspects of recruitment of an experienced HR professional and his replacement in the event of sick and annual leaves.
Успешный опыт разрешения споров с трудовыми инспекциями и сотрудниками

A proven track record in the resolution of disputes with labour inspectorates and employees

Statistics show that courts tend to find for the employee in employment disputes between an employee and an employer. That is why employment relationship and termination documentation need to be thoroughly vetted by experts. We help with fast and competent generation of the documents required with due regard for the Labour Code and the up-to-date recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor, and assist our clients in pre-action proceedings in the event of employment conflicts.
Индивидуальный подход и экспертная поддержка

Custom solutions and expert assistance

HR administration is one of the most regulated and routine processes. We assume charge of all standard HR paperwork, with due regard for the unique features of your organization and the applicable recommendations from Labour Ministry of Russia and Rospotrebnadzor.

HR Administration:

  • Procedures for accepting new employees/dismissal employees / changes;
  • Timesheets;
  • Day-to-day support with internal orders and other obligatory HR forms;
  • Documents for business trips;
  • Preparation of the staff list and vacation schedule;
  • Maintenance of labor books, on paper or electronic format;

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Как без риска уволить прогульщика?

How to terminate an absentee safely

Here's what our client says


Tatiana Bogdanova

HR administrator CIS

It is no secret that the salespeople turnover rate is rather high in retail. Two years ago one of our female employees went missing, did not answer her phone, and for a month we could not find her whereabouts or her reasons for being absent from the workplace. Is it possible to terminate somebody like that?

In response to our enquiry, Baker Tilly’s HR administrators drafted all the paperwork needed to record the employee’s absenteeism for reasons unknown, and recommended doing everything possible to locate the employee and notify the police.

Организация работы внешнего кадровика в офисе компании

Secondment of an HR administrator to a company's office

Here's what our client says

Automation and engineering services for all industries

Ekaterina Anatolievna Zhelnova

HR manager

Our corporation has an in-house function for HR administration. The available staff, however, are snowed under with work, which keeps increasing. We used to hire more staff. At the end of the day, however, we decided not to increase the number of our in-house HR managers but to bring in an outside professional from the Baker Tilly company. This makes sense for a number of reasons.

Где найти квалифицированного кадровика

Where to find a competent HR administrator

Here's what our client says

Operating leasing of petroleum equipment

Irina Dobrolyubova

HR manager

We think of Baker Tilly experts as our affiliates. It’s all about the approach: the company’s experts take a deep interest what our business needs and build effective communications with our staff. This gives us confidence that we are on the same page.

This is not our first rodeo. We opted for Baker Tilly after dropping another service provider. It was obvious from day one that we were dealing with top guns. They started with an audit of HR paperwork, discovered errors and inaccuracies that we kept missing from month to month for the simple reason that we lacked a competent and objective look from an outsider’s perspective.

HR administration calls for diligence and consistency in HR paperwork. Over the recent months, however when regulatory requirements kept changing for both employees and employers due to the pandemic, the professional’s expertise and ability to quickly incorporate the changes into the paperwork became the be-all and end-all. In an environment where both employers and employees do not know the rules of the game, it is very important to remember that in the event of employment disputes courts tend to find for the employee, ordering the employer to pay substantial damages to the employee.

To prevent employment disputes at your company, Baker Tilly experts cover all the bases in your HR paperwork and stay on top of legislative changes.

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