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As one of the leading audit and consulting companies, Baker Tilly in Russia prepares financial statements drawing on the methodology of business accounting and auditing when calculating the financials. If you are unsure as to the truth and fairness of your figures, we will help you make sure that you have all the date and restore whatever is missing.

  • Knowledge of industry context;
  • Certified accountants and quality control procedures;
  • Detailed notes on financial statements for shareholders and the corporate management if and as needed;
  • The truth and fairness of the financial statements of our clients is attested to by third-party auditors;
  • We have professional liability insurance;
  • Reputational commitments.

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Подтверждение независимыми аудиторами финансовой отчётности наших клиентов

Endorsement of the financial statements of our clients by third-party auditors

For purposes of auditing RAS [Russian Accounting Standards]-compliant financial statements, we provide the accounts of our clients in any format. Over long years we have built a fruitful relationship with the auditors of the Big Four and other audit majors. All our clients receive audit reports without reservation.
Понимание отраслевой специфики клиентов

Knowledge of the sectoral context of clients

Corporate financial statements disclose the company's financials, financial condition and cash flows, all of which come in handy for users at large when they make managerial decisions. Such users include shareholders, creditors, employees and society at large. When preparing annual financial statements, we regularly have to make adjustments for the sectoral context of our clients. In searching for a solution that best fits the company, we draw, apart from a standard bookkeeping and accounting methodology, upon our professional experience gained in the context of similar engagements and are prepared to provide detailed information to back up our estimates.
Взаимодействие с собственниками компании по вопросам финансовых результатов деятельности

Liaison with company owners in matters of financials

International groups consolidate their accounts across all their locations pursuant to the intra-group schedules. In order for the financial statements of a Russian affiliate to be approved by the shareholders on time, submissions must be made by the deadline set in the schedule. We develop a procedure for providing details of the company's operations in keeping with the group's policies and prepare detailed notes for the owners and designated persons.

Financial reporting comprises:

  • Post-filing review of bookkeeping records;
  • Completion of financial statutory reports and communications with the company's auditors;
  • Preparation of statutory statistical reports;
  • Statutory filings by electronic channels of communications.

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Можно ли пройти аудит, если обнаружены ошибки в учете

Is it possible to pass an audit with errors in the accounting records?

Here's what our client says


Sarah Veerman


When the company was registered in late 2008, the construction project paperwork did not get the necessary technical support for some reason or other, and we got our wires crossed when registering the property and the land plot. Unfortunately, such documentation was beyond our accountant, and we did not learn about serious discrepancies until before the statutory audit. As our new service provider, Baker Tilly had to restore the accounts from the company’s incorporation in a short space of time. In the course of their engagement, the accountants perused and analyzed the registration and engineering documentation for the building, restored the order of registration of the construction project with due regard to the transfer of the title to the fixed asset and the underlying land plot. Corrections were made to the bookkeeping and accounting records, and the accounting process was automated.

Методология учета основных средств в торговых компаниях

Fixed asset accounting methodology for merchants

Here's what our client says

Garment retailing

Marina Piotrovskaya

Chief Financial Officer

In Russia our company runs a retail chain, with every shop carrying on its books a large inventory of equipment and capital investments. In the course of an audit, we discovered that the migration of the old accounting database to a new configuration created discrepancies in fixed asset details. This necessitated running a data reconciliation, developing a bespoke methodology for fixed asset accounting and reconfiguring the existing business process.

Годовая финансовая отчетность - утверждение акционерами

Annual financial statements - approval by shareholders

Here's what our client says

Telecommunications services

Kyrill Mansurov

General Director

Because our company is a member of an international group, which provides telecommunications services, financials need to be filed in the group’s in-house format in a timely manner for consolidation purposes. The shareholders approve the year-end financial statements for every member of the group at the annual meeting, which is held at the end of February. We gave the above terms of reference to our financial statement provider when entering into the services contract.

In an economic downturn, it is imperative that company CEOs have reliable information on the financial position of the company and its performance. This information will enable them to make informed managerial decisions.

At Baker Tilly, all financial forms are completed by the most skilled professionals who have been with the company upwards of three years. The financial statements of Baker Tilly’s corporate clients are always endorsed by auditors, including the Big Four*, with whom we have had a solid relationship for over 10 years.

* Deloitte, PwC, EY, KPMG

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