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When preparing tax returns, Baker Tilly in Russia, as one of the leading audit and consulting companies, only uses accurate business performance figures. We check all source documents so that our clients successfully pass in-office audits and have their tax self-assessments approved. If you are unsure whether you have all your source documents, we will help you make sure they are complete and restore whatever is missing.

  • Compliance with all relevant fiscal requirements;
  • Quality control at the management level pursuant to the business process methodology using digital technologies;
  • Many years of experience liaising with the fiscal authorities;
  • Confidentiality and information security.

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Соблюдение требований налогового законодательства с учетом изменений, введенных в  2020-2021 годах

Настройка операционного учёта российской компании с выполнением положений глобальной политики группы компаний по налогообложению

Setting up operational accounting for a Russian company in compliance with a corporate group's global taxation policy

It is of great importance for our clients that tax return filings and tax payments be made on time. At the start of each year, we update our filing schedules in keeping with the statutory deadlines. Most of our clients are international companies, each of which also has its own deadlines for account consolidation. That is why we make certain that our schedules are synchronized, we have enough time for submitting our tax assessments for approval and the necessary clarifications in case of queries from the head office.
Более 15 лет конструктивного взаимодействия наших экспертов с фискальными органами по налоговым вопросам

More than 15 years of constructive dealings between our experts and the fiscal authorities in tax matters

A tax audit does not have to mean fines and extra tax assessments. Without an in-office audit companies have no way of claiming refunds or having their overpaid profits tax refunded. We check every source document and effectively liaise with the taxman so that our clients can be sure of their tax returns and make self-assessments on time, without errors and fines.

Tax reporting comprises:

  • Preparation of VAT returns;
  • Assessment of profits tax;
  • Assessment of property tax;
  • Preparation of transport tax returns;
  • Tax return filing with due regard to the filing deadline changes in 2020 by electronic communication channels;
  • Online coordination with the client's tax people.

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Учитываем все изменения налогового законодательства

We factor in all tax legislation changes

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Information Technology / IT

Igor Danilenko

General Director

We very much appreciate the attention given by Baker Tilly to compliance with all fiscal requirements, including new and transitional ones. The importance of that work increased dramatically in 2020, with all national governments putting in place business relief measures.

Как иностранной компании разобраться в российских налогах

How a foreign company can make sense of Russian taxes

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Services of international communications

Stephen Peterson

Tax manager

Our company has been operating in the Russian market since 2012. From day one, the group’s tax people needed to synchronize the accounting data of the global ERP system with the taxes we paid in Russia, and have our tax returns approved in a timely manner as per the corporate schedule.

Возможно ли возмещать НДС каждый квартал?

Is it possible to have VAT refunded every quarter?

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Management advice

Anna Chernetskaya

Chief Financial Officer

Since we delegated dealings with the tax authorities to Baker Tilly, our company have been receiving full VAT refunds for our branches in Moscow and Novosibirsk. In all, this comes to some 4 million roubles quarterly.

During the period of economic downturn, the fiscal authorities put corporate tax returns under a magnifying glass in an attempt to find irregularities and charge additional taxes and fines. The company needs to be sure that its tax assessments, paperwork and methodology used to make the assessments are bulletproof. Digitization of internal quality assurance procedures and regular upskilling make for watertight tax returns when prepared by our experts. Once in-office and field audits are resumed after their suspension, the tax returns will be stamped as accepted.

No desk audit has resulted in any of Baker Tilly’s clients being fined significant amounts by the tax authorities over the last 10 years. We can guarantee that indirect taxes (VAT) will be refunded from the public purse in full as claimed by us.

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