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Baker Tilly in Russia uses the best practices of an international group for periodic reports prepared in compliance with the IFRS/US GAAP standards and the formats used by our clients to obtain accurate, up-to-date information about the performance of companies in Russia.

  • State-of-the-art solutions that make it possible to keep accounts to Russian and international standards*;
  • A flexible interface protocol that factors in the deadlines for period-end close and generation of financial statements;
  • Online communications with the company's financial team in English;
  • Timely provision of the necessary clarifications/breakdowns to corroborate the reported figures;
  • Integration with the accounting systems of the corporate client and export of data to ERP as needed.
  • * -IFRS, US GAAP

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Для получения нашими клиентами оперативных данных мы на связи онлайн с финансовой командой компании

To enable our clients to receive real-time data, we are available online to the company's financial team

When preparing their consolidated accounts, international companies request detailed monthly progress reports from their Russian subsidiaries. The major differences between RAS and IFRS/US GAAP accounts raise many questions. We make sure that a coordination protocol is in place between the accountants and the financial functions at the head offices. Because our key personnel are Anglophones, regular calls or correspondence online make it possible for our clients to receive detailed clarifications on the nature of such differences.
Современные технологии, которые позволяют вести учёт по российским и международным стандартам

State-of-the-art solutions that make it possible to keep accounts to Russian and international standards

The finance people at international corporations consolidate accounts across the group. To do that, they need to receive IFRS-compliant accounts in the specified format and on schedule. We develop bespoke configurations for 1C-based accounting software, configure settings for purposes of corporate accounting and filing as per the group's month-end closing schedule. We provide state-of-the-art solutions that deliver up-to-date highly detailed financial information about the activities of a Russian company.p>
Интеграция с учётными системами компании-клиента и выгрузка данных в ERP при необходимости. Международные стандарты.

Integration with the accounting systems of the corporate client and export of data to ERP as needed. International standards.

With a view to financial consolidation, international companies must receive reporting in the specified format within the prescribed time limit. For data comparability, we maintain parallel accounts to both Russian and IFRS/US GAAP standards. Specifically, we set up flexible account mapping adjustable for changes in the company's policies and configure the file export options as required by the company. The integration between 1C and the in-house ERP system makes it possible to break down accounts “by document” and to generate a set of customized ready-to-use reports to the group's standards.

Management accounting to the corporate client's standards comprises:

  • Recognition of business transactions in accordance with your group's standards and policies;
  • Generation of internal (managerial) accounts online in the agreed format within the prescribed time limits.

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Провайдер, с которым легко разговаривать.

A provider that is easy to talk to.

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Information Technology / IT

Sheldon Valery


Baker Tilly provides support for our global office when it produces monthly management accounts. We looked for a service provider capable of delivering prompt communications between his accountants and the finance department at our group’s head office. Baker Tilly’s key employees speak English and can provide the communications we need. The communication traffic peaks at month-end closes. During that period our finance people can communicate online with the accountants in Russia. A special group has been set up on the WhatsApp messenger for prompt support, where you can ask a question and receive a comprehensive answer plus comments for each figure in the report.

Технологичные решения в учете по стандартам МСФО российской компании

IFRS-compliant high-tech accounting solutions for a Russian company

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Wholesale of electrics

Evgeniy Bergman

Branch manager

The company’s operations within Russia keep expanding. A year ago the head office charged us with configuring the branch’s operational accounting in compliance with the requirements of the corporate accounting system, transfer pricing and the tax treatments used by the group. Thanks to the great expertise of Baker Tilly’s key employees, our finance people in the UK received highly detailed accounting information in short order.

Автоматизация корпоративного учета по стандартам US GAAP

Automation of corporate accounting to US GAAP standards

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Elena Antonova

Financial Manager CIS

Baker Tilly has been providing services to our company since May 2015. Then a new financial manager, I was tasked with setting up a process to prepare management accounts pursuant to the global policy of our parent international corporation.

Note that management accounts were prepared as Excel spreadsheets until 2015. As it turned out later, the spreadsheet figures had not been matched against the documents and only approximated the debits and credits. The balance account figures were often massaged to fit the desired outcome.

Baker Tilly programmers started by configuring the 1S-based accounting module to IFRS international standards and setting up account mapping and export of entries from the RAS module. Then they checked the balances of the US GAAP accounts, including the accounts of the fixed assets supposed to be on the books according to the group’s records, and made sure that the depreciation was charged correctly.

Foreign companies keep their accounts as per international financial reporting standards, which differ from the Russian accounting standards. That is why our clients that are affiliated with international groups must regularly disclose their detailed financials in the formats used by the international group.

Baker Tilly experts prepare such reports as scheduled, and provide detailed notes and clarifications in English as needed to the finance people at the head office.

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