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The employment and labour laws have no references to “grey or black wages”, but these have been part of our mental landscape since as far back as the ’90s. In an attempt to stave off employment disputes for its clients, Baker Tilly in Russia makes sure that the relationships between companies and their staff are documented in a proper manner.

  • State-of-the-art business process and quality control at all levels;
  • Compliance with the statutory time limits for wage payments and payroll reporting in 2020;
  • Assessment methodology compliant with all current statutory requirements;
  • Online employee communications through a proprietary service called “MySpace.Bakertilly”;
  • High-end data security;
  • Reduction in the upkeep costs for an in-house accountant;

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Оперативное взаимодействие с сотрудниками через сервис собственной разработки «Мой кабинет.Бейкертилли»

Online employee communications through a proprietary service called “MySpace.Bakertilly”

When drawing their pay, employees sometimes have questions: does the assessment include everything—leave pay, sick pay, bonus etc? What we want is to make employee-accountant communications fast and convenient as well as modern. So we developed an in-house service called “MySpace.Bakertilly”. It makes it possible not only to receive one's pay slip via secure communication channels but also to ask the accountant a question in the chat feed right away.
Конфиденциальные данные надежно защищены, расчёт для топ-менеджмента готовим отдельным пакетом

We use high-end data security systems and prepare assessments for the top management in a separate process.

More often than not employers have questions about confidentiality arrangement for payroll assessments. This mostly applies to information about remuneration payable to the company's management. Outsourcing such assessments makes it easier to use legal mechanisms to secure payroll information against third-party access, including in-house leaks. We received an opinion from a Big Four company that our payroll accounting systems conform to the SSAE 18 standards.
Мы обеспечиваем технологичный бизнес-процесс и контроль качества на всех уровнях для расчётов свыше 200 человек

We provide a state-of-the-art business process and quality control at all levels for payrolls of over 200 employees

We provide payroll assessments for all compensation packages. The more business units and employees you have, the more individual features you need to take into account. We used advanced solutions to set up a system to control the quality of assessments and tax returns at the management level and pay special attention to companies employing more than 200 people in this context.

Pay assessment comprises:

  • Monthly assessment of advance and balance pay;
  • Assessment and deduction of PIT [personal income tax] and assessment of social charges;
  • Preparation of payment instructions/payroll spreadsheets for employee remuneration and payment of taxes and charges to the treasury;
  • Preparation of returns to the Pension Fund, the Social Insurance Fund and FTSI [Federal Tax Service Inspectorate];
  • Preparation of returns to the Statistics agencies;

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Можно ли сохранить конфиденциальность зарплат руководителей?

Is it possible to keep executive emoluments confidential?

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Manufacture of medicinal products

Olga Sergeyevna Shatskaya

HR Director

What we wanted was not only correct and timely payroll assessments for corporate staff but also non-disclosure of remuneration to the top management. We needed to make this information off-limits to the in-house accounts and HR departments alike. Confidentiality of such information has only become a concern for Russian auditing and service-providing organizations fairly recently, so we turned to Baker Tilly. The company has many Western customers on its payroll, and data security procedures are a priority.

Оперативное взаимодействие с сотрудниками через сервис собственной разработки «Мой кабинет.Бейкертилли»

Online employee communications through a proprietary service called “MySpace.Bakertilly”

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Manufacture of building materials

Mikhail Terentyev

CIS sales manager

Our company promotes state-of-the-art, high-tech materials for the building industry in Russia. Line management is from the head office. Employees perform their tasks unsupervised and coordinate with managers in business matters only. That is why we deal personally with Baker Tilly employees in all matters accounting.

Как передать на аутсорсинг расчет заработной платы в крупной компании

How to outsource payroll accounting at a major company

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Manufacture and distribution of medical equipment

Inna Dobrovolskaya

HR manager

The Russian arm of our corporation employs 542 people. Employees come and go and take leaves for various reasons. As is the case with any major company, staff changes take place all the time. But apart from the standard statutory requirements applicable to all, our company has its own corporate policy in place, which lays down, among other things, a financial incentive scheme. When making payroll assessments, Baker Tilly experts also factor in the corporate philosophy and specifics of employee remuneration.

Pay assessment is justly thought of as the most routine accounting process. This process requires the accountant to be careful, scrupulous and fully compliant with the assessment algorithm. What is more, given that employees need to be paid on time legislature keeps changing the laws, the payroll accountant must stay on the ball, so our staff are constantly improving their professional skills.

Baker Tilly’s skilled accountants, who have state-of-the-art methodology and software at their fingertips, can deliver accurate assessments on time, as well as taking charge of communications with your staff in the chat feeds of the ‘MySpace.Bakertilly’ service

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